A Y S Gnanam Elders Home

St. Anthony’ established an Elders Home in 2008 in the name of the founder chairman Deshamanya A Y S Gnanam and has been looking after elderly people who are in need.

There are 34 elderly people and 08 elderly nuns from Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary are therein the house. Mostly all of them are like kids. They need the attention in all their activities. There are 03 sisters from Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary and 06 other workers are there to look after the elders.

Wildlife Conservation Project

St Anthony’s Hardware embarked on sponsoring a conservation project spear headed and conducted by the Wildlife Conservation Society – Galle from June 2011, initially for a period of 01 year.

This conservation project focuses on birds and is being conducted at a 600 acre natural forest which surrounds an abandoned man made reservoir in Hiyare, Galle.

The main goal of this project is to make finding’s on the behavior, nesting, feeding pattern and requirements of several Bird species including some endemic and threatened species, thereby giving those concerned and relevant people much needed information of the requirements of these species to survive, which would then help in formulating and/or implementing a successful conservation program for the survival of these species.

Feeding School Children

St. Anthony’s Hardware have been feeding more than 400 children (mid-day meal) since 2006

Name of the school : Sri Saralankara Primary School
Address of the school : Kidelpitiya, Welmilla, Bandaragama.