Homemart, Sri Lanka’s first one-stop hardware and homewares retailer launches

June 2, 2017

On the 26th of July, St Anthony’s Hardware (PVT) Ltd. launched HOMEMART; A one-stop general hardware supermarket and homewares retailer, hosting the largest selection of the most trusted brands in the nation.
This long awaited, first-of-its-kind offering in Sri Lanka; HOMEMART, is brought to you by St Anthony’s Group, one of the nation’s oldest and furthest-reaching hardware traders and manufacturers with over 75years in the industry since being founded by the late Deshamanya A.Y.S Gnanam.
In an effort to provide consumers with the greatest selection of the best construction and homewares products, HOMEMART has partnered with some of nation’s Blue-chip houses of brands, the likes of JAT, CIC, Charterhouse, Softlogic, Singer, Unilever, Tokyo Cement, Rhino Roofing, Anton PVC, Orange, Kevilton, WaterTech, Priyantha Distributors, Phoenix, Mans Lanka, ACL, Multilac, Jinesena, Delmege, Kelani, Harris, Laughs, DIMO, Reckitt Benckiser, 3M, and many more.
With dozens of departments, over 70 brands and several thousand unique products either on the shelves or in the pipeline, HOMEMART provides both the contractor and the homemaker with the most varied selection in the local hardware market.

HOMEMART’s general hardware consists of everything necessary for construction from the concrete in the foundation to the solar on the roof, from plumbing to paints, from electrical to pest control. Meanwhile, the homewares department consists of everything, including the kitchen sink! From bathroom fittings to common household appliances like blenders, fridges and water purifiers.
In an effort to address one of the more common grievances of local retail; the inconvenience of operating hours and accessibility, HOMEMART’s centralized Nawala store will open from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week with parking facilities. In doing this they’re enabling consumers to purchase materials on the way home from work on weekdays, or even shop on Sundays when many outlets are closed. Additionally, the delivery or preorder & pickup is intended to work within consumers’ increasingly busy schedules. Designed to help you find what you need, when you need it.
Contrary to the local assumption that superstores are “expensive,” HOMEMART will be offering some of the best value in the market through its rewards programs, facilitated through its close partnerships with its suppliers and targeted promotions for power users.
As for contractors and applicators, such as masons, electricians, painters, and plumbers, to list a few; HOMEMART is developing credit facilities, inventory management and logistical support to help small businesses grow and service sites in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
With labor being as difficult as it is to find right now, HOMEMART also intends to develop a comprehensive applicator and contractor databases, to create a point of contact between the skilled labor force, and the end user.
“Like any construction site, HOMEMART is very much a work in progress. We’re nowhere near finished with what we’ve started here. There are far more products we have yet to introduce that aren’t even available in the local market yet. There are entire product categories and comprehensive support service offerings that we will continue to study and phase in, when the time is right, and the facilities are adequate,” stated Praveen Gnanam, Executive Director of St Anthony’s Hardware. “The paint isn’t even dry at this new Nawala location and we’re already planning our rollout for future HOMEMART sites, with an ever-growing portfolio of products and solutions to address the needs of our fast-shifting construction landscape.”